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The registration page has 4 buttons for registration, these are for a Company Seeking Investment, New Investor, Investor of a company that is already registered with Rizdex and for and corporate investor.

Click on the one for your needs and follow the instructions.


Account Funding:

After succesful registration and account approval, log in and click on the my portfolio button, then click on "Add Funds", next select your method for funding your account (Bank transfer only).

- Bank Transfer:  you will need to register your bank details by clicking on the "Add" button, select the type of bank account that best fits you, fill in all the details and click save and close. Now you can go back to the "Add Funds" page and register your wire transfer, this will generate a "Wire ID" for you to use in your instruction.

There are 5 types of Bank account for you to choose from depending on your geographical location, if your bank in in Europ you should choose IBAN, if it is in the UK choose GB, for Canada choose CA and if your bank is in the US choose US.



To Buy or Sell:

After loging in, click on "Registered Companies" and then click on the "Select" button beside the company you are interested in, this will bring up an infrmation display with some information about the company and a list of offers from the company, and or from other investors in relation to the selected company, you then express your interest in the company by clicking the "Contact Company" button, you will then be put in touch with the seller in order for you to do your own due dilligence and come to an agreement, you can then choose to match one of the existing offers by clicking on the "Accept" button, or click on the "New Offer" Button to place your own offer.  This will bring up an offer configuration screen for you to select the detials of the offer. After completing the details, click "Submit" and then "Confirm".  You will receive a confirmation email about your offer.


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